In the begining it was just us. And by us I mean like 6 people. Five of which started Pink Flamingo Camp. In the past at Perfect North Slopes, when the ski season was over, it was just over, no PFC, no Bonus Days, it was just done. Then starting around 2000 a select few somehow got permission to build a few "small features" with the snow that remained on the hill after Perfect North Slopes had closed. So naturally we built the largest jump and rail combinations that the left over snow would allow. We got to session the features after work when everyone left, and we all learned new tricks, got more comfortable and really just extended our season by a few weeks. This continued for a couple of seasons. No one ever got hurt, we only went until we were out of snow, and in general only a few people knew what was going on. Slowly word started leaking out about what we were doing. It didn't help that usually some of the best footage for our Freezing Point 32º movies came from after season features. We kept getting more and more requests for people to "please please please let me ride!?!? I promise i won't tell anyone and i won't get hurt!" Well we couldn't have that, so starting in 2003-2004 somehow we were able to convince the powers that be to allow us to "teach a freestyle camp" which would help to educate riders, give them added value to Perfect North Slopes, and get young people excited about skiing at Perfect North Slopes.
PFC 60s